Mike N Narissa Weddingday by Hendra & Andre

June 4, 2015

First time we met Mike and his Fiancé was in 2012. We were introduced by one of his relatives, then decided to have prewedding with Cheese n Click in Jakarta. Glad to know that they loved our pictures. They then planned their wedding in USA and hoping we can be on of the vendors of their wedding. After few discussions, they told us that they could afford our trip to USA as their wedding photographers. We’re really exited, as this is our first trip to USA. We prepare everything really well and the day comes. 14 days with them far away from our hometown gave us lots of new experiences. We’re treated as families, not as vendors. We also get involved with their wedding preparations, do some finishing touch on their souvenirs and others. Mike and Narisa were really good friends. And when the day comes to our farewell, as we need to go back to Jakarta, we really feel sad and hard to say goodbye. The hardest goodbye so far with our clients. We wish you a happily ever after wedding life.